Candle Making Workshop is now available, talk to us to learn more! Make candles with families/friends!
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        Manila Candle Booth Setup

        Our booth display will differ from events to events and where we are located. We love to maximize and make our booth pretty.

        If we are located in a corner booth, we love utilizing both sides to maximize the area so people can stop by and smell what we have to offer. Additionally, we love displaying our candles with our top 3 scents on a display shelf. We have 2 display stands where we can showcase our candles. We also offer coffee beans for customer to smell in-between scents.

        Also, we love to be transparent with our customer so we love to display our prices. This way, there is no hidden fees and they know what customers are getting.


        Front display

        If there's only 1 side available for displaying our booth, we love to push our tables by the edge so people can just stop by and smell the candles. We love to display our booth so it's attractive and can be easily seen.


        You can see where we are popping up on our Instagram Page: @manilacandle.

        Stop by and talk to us. We would love to talk to you.

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