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Manila Candle's story began in 2018 when owner, Vernon, went to the Philippines for a three-weeks vacation. Upon returning from the Philippines, Vernon wondered how he can bring parts of the Philippines in the United States to combat home-sickness.

Vernon had couple challenges that he faced when opening the business. First, business name. Second, making candles. Third, bringing the concept together.

Making the candle was the easy part since I knew how to make candles. I had a candle business back in 2014 but closed it down due to returning to school.

Business name took me the longest since I want people to easily recognize what I do and what I sell. Vernon came up with Manila Candle to make it easier for people to know what we are about.

Now that I have a business name, bringing it all together was a task! I have a name, now what? I went through hundreds of candle scents just to figure out how and what to name the candle.

"Sampaguita" was a no brainer, it is actually the first scented candle that I made and named. Almost all Filipinos know what Sampaguita is, one sniff and it'll take you back to the Philippines.

Currently, Manila Candle offers: Sampaguita, Gumamela, Serenade, Tito Boy, Tita Baby, Jun Jun, Tagaytay, Palawan, Boracay, Buko & Mangga. With many more in the works!


Manila Candle is a one-man team, Vernon. Vernon was born in the Philippines that migrated to the U.S at a young age.

Vernon's goal is to show what the Philippines and Filipinos can offer to the world. There are beauties all over the Philippines - from over 7,000 islands to the wittiness of each Filipinos.

Manila Candle wants to show what the Philippines and the Filipinos are all about through candles, one scent at a time!


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